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Have you ever considered a career in sales?


Before you answer those questions, perhaps you want to take a closer look at what professional selling is really all about. If your concept of a salesperson is an insincere used car salesman or a screaming appliance salesperson on television, think again. You deserve to know what professional selling is really all about.

Here are some of the most common false myths and the truths about sales professionals:

  • Successful salespeople have the gift of gab - they have the ability to listen
  • Successful salespeople are insincere - they believe in their products and their company
  • Successful salespeople can sell anything - they can only sell products they believe in
  • Successful salespeople are fickle - they are strong relationship builders
  • Successful salespeople party a lot - they are usually strong family people

If you think you might be interested in pursuing a sales career, here are some basics. 

Sell What You Know or Enjoy

You will be most successful and happier when you are selling a product or service you believe in. You will already have first-hand knowledge of what you are selling and you will naturally be more enthusiastic. Too many people enter sales in positions they see as lucrative or where they can earn a lot of money. When you believe in what you are doing, you will earn more and enjoy life more than if you sell something else. DANGER: when selling something you like, you will have a tendency to think others will like it for the same reasons you do. Be careful to first understand what they are seeking before telling them why you like the product.

Set Realistic Goals

Especially in the early days of your sales career, set goals and keep them realistic. Believe it or not, customers sometimes say no or delay their buying decisions. Set goals! Goals will drive your thinking and thinking drives your actions. Determine to sell more effectively each week: better this week than last week but not as much as next week.

Training and Mentors

There is no substitute for training and mentors. Every sales professional needs ongoing sales training. First of all, there is no such thing as a “born salesperson”. Some people have personalities that make them more suitable for certain types of sales. Successful salespeople are those who continue to learn - just as any other professional does. There are more training opportunities now than ever before: seminars, books, online (like SaleSSuiteS), books and media. Find one you like and be diligent about studying. In addition, they have mentors - especially when beginning their sales carers.

Salary or Commission?

Many successful salespeople prefer to be paid on commission - a percentage of every sale they make. However, just starting out, you may prefer a salary. How do you decide? A salary is a regular paycheck whether you sell or not but you are not rewarded for larger sales. Straight commission  rewards you with a percentage of every dollar you bring in. The percentage is usually set at a level that makes straight salary less attractive. Some organizations will permit a draw or advance against your future commissions. Salaried sales jobs are often harder to find. Be prepared to take a commissioned position to prove you can sell.


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