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“The single, most important function of sales is to teach.” - Chuckism #15


Sales training and development is a process, not an event. I believe that every sales professional has something valuable they could teach others in sales. To be an effective sales trainer two things are needed: 1) A Trainer and, 2) Curriculum. You will be the trainer and your SaleSStickS Thumb Drive will provide the curriculum. For more details on how to be a more effective trainer, click on the “TRAINER” link below. For a detailed User’s Guide for the SaleSStickS, click on the picture above. To get started right away, follow the instructions below.Window 1 small



1. Insert your SaleSStickS into a USB port on your PC

2. Wait for the computer to recognize the device and offer a menu

    a. Depending on which menu appears, click “VIEW FILES” or “DASHBOARD”

    b. Navigate until you can click on “DASHBOARD

 3. If the PC does not have PowerPoint(TM), you will be prompted to download a PowerPoint Viewer. An Internet connection is required. Follow the instructions to download the Viewer.

4. The Dashboard will appear:

    SECTION ONE: INTERACTIVE, MULTIMEDIA TRAINING MODULES - Choose a Module, click on the title and the Module will load. The first screen allows you to adjust your audio controls (music is playing). The second screen prompts you to download the handout materials behind the ATTACHMENTS button in the upper right. Click the flashing button to continue the training.

    SECTION TWO: VALUE-ADDED-SELLING AUDIO TRACKS - Use this content to reinforce your knowledge of the P.L.U.S.H. sales process methodology. Have this audio play in the background as you take care of your daily tasks.

    SECTION THREE: E-BOOKS - You will find two useful e-books on your SaleSStickS. “The NANOSECOND Salesperson” will give you a fundamental understand of some of the latest trends in professional selling. These include Supply Chain Selling, Kaizen for Sales, Chief Sales Officer Sales Analytics and others. It is a comprehensive “one flight book” - designed to be read during one flight on an airplane. “The Theory of 21” will give you motivational insights you can use and, most importantly, you can teach. The Theory states, “For every person who will say yes there are twenty who will say no. For a positive response you must find the twenty-first person.” It teaches the value of persistence, one the most important traits for sales professionals - as you already know!


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